Who is puppy? 

Owner of many identities, master of disguise. 

puppy is a 26 year old dog who has over 5 years of experience handling firearms as a safety instructor. It likes crypto and designing stuff in 3d. It acts like a dog both irl and in person, barks on command, and wears a collar 24/7; It is a dog, not a human. It also has connections to all ends of the internet, from telegram extortion coms to discord hood coms to safe space mental health ones. This isn't a threat, just a warning to be careful who you fuck with

I'm not gay. I don't why people assume i'm a fag just because i'm a femdog. I have a cisgendered female girlfriend. She is my only interest. Please leave me alone. 

I vibe on the internet & I mirror the respect that I'm given.